1. Hi a bit of a longshot. I was wondering about if there’d be a season ticket option next season. Very interested in purchasing if you will be including this option. If so would you know roughly what price we’d be looking at for adults & child. If you could help i would be most grateful.
    P.s love the new arena, c’mon you Raisers!!!

    M. Heath.

    1. Hi Mark,

      We are happy to announce that there will be season tickets available next season!
      Prices TBC but they will appear on the website and on Facebook as soon as they are announced.


      Stu Warner

  2. We are looking at coming to the match on Sunday 18th. We haven’t been to a match since they played on the old site as we moved out of the area. You used to be able to buy tickets on the door – can you still do that? Also, can you sit where you want or is it allocated seating? Thanks

    1. Hi Sarah,

      At the moment, we do offer tickets on the door, however these will be strictly limited as the game will be near to a sellout. My advice is to buy online, this guarantees you entry to the game.

      Also for the rest of the season for the league games it will be general admission so yes, sit where you like.

      We hope you enjoy the game!

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